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After many great chats over beers about all things digital, we realised one of our favourite things in the world of marketing was discussing awesome marketing. 

Any platform, any scale and any budget.

Great marketing is just freaking great.

We then looked around for others to engage with who were discussing awesome examples of Australian (especially from our home town of Perth) marketing that is innovative, screams an understanding of audience, or simply floats our boats. 

There wasn't much out there, so we decided to start the conversation ourselves. 

There is so much great Australian marketing out there, and we want to hear about it. We want to talk about it, get coffee with it, take it to a pottery class, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer in our pjs with it, and then drink beers with it all night long.


Let's talk great marketing!

Carma Levene

Experienced Social Media Consultant

I’m a bit obsessed with how things work, and this doesn’t stop at Social Media Marketing (my main gig) because I have a passion for all marketing strategy and advertising as a whole – not just the digital stuff *gasp*  


Working out how brands can position themselves better to their target audience, and coming up with solutions to wider marketing challenges are two of my absolute favourite things to do.  


Give me a campaign that makes me feel (laugh or cry) or think – I want to dissect them, and share them with you all!

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Clayton Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist & owner of Perth based agency Smith Social.

No matter the medium, I love great marketing.


Whether it's an amazing and engaging email sequence, a stunning logo or a brilliant billboard, creative and inventive marketing makes me want to run out and get my hair braided. 

Cause that's what it's all about.

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