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Grill The Marketer II, Grill Harder

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We're hosting another Grill The Marketer event, and Grill The Marketer II - Grill Harder is going to be even bigger and better than the first one.

We're putting ourselves up for a grilling!

Media powerhouse Melissa Bowen from MeBo Media will once again keep us on track as our MC, and we've invited special guest Adam Barrell, Founder of So Perth to join us on the panel!

Adam hates to talk about himself, so this is a rare appearance for him and we couldn't be more thrilled he agreed to help answer your questions on his expert topic - Content Marketing!

Adam's Pedigree

As the Founder of So Media Group and So Perth he's built a network of over 250,000 followers.

Adam also most recently held the position of content strategist at Carat working across a variety of million-dollar companies locally and nationally.

Adam has a unique skill set unmatched in content with in-depth knowledge across content, social media (organic and paid), search and most importantly data - but then being able to pull it all together with ease. One GTM session won’t be enough to pick his brains!

You can read what he's excited to share on his LInkedIn post here.

When: Oct 28th, from 5.30pm

Where: 399 Bar (399 William St, Perth)

What: LIVE marketing Q&A

Why: Cos marketing is fun to talk about and we love to problem solve!

Tickets: $20 + BF to buy click here

A Different Kind Of Marketing Event

Normally marketing seminars and workshops are quite structured and you need to wait until the end to get your burning questions answered.

But not this time! Grill The Marketer is a hot idea we came up with when Clay and I were chatting about marketing events and the feedback we'd heard from attendees - which was along the lines of "I didn't get to ask my question..."

And we thought, shoot - that's no good. You went along to an event with an issue to solve, got no help and went home disappointed.

No sales pitches, no PowerPoint slides, just your questions - answered LIVE.

So we decided we'd host an event that skips all the usual marketing stuff for Grill The Marketer.

Come One, Come All!

It's perfect for marketers of all levels, students, business owners and managers, and anyone thinking of getting into business - in fact, since the content of the evening is determined by YOU, it's really suitable for anyone!

As long as your over 18, it is a bar after all!

Clayton, Adam, Melissa and myself will be there answering your marketing questions and will make ourselves available afterwards for a bit of mingling and drinks.

The tickets are cheap ($20+BF) which covers a drink on arrival and snacks, but our numbers are capped at 35 - so don't miss your chance to save your spot.

Join us at 399 Bar for the second MASSIVE Grill The Marketer event!


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