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Queensland Health Warns Not To Get Complacent Via IPER Production

Updated: Apr 22

Queensland Health has launched its new Don't Get Complacent campaign for Influenza, RSV vaccinations and Covid boosters.

The campaign was created in conjunction with the production company IPER and the internal creative team at Queensland Health over a condensed two-day shoot.

A diverse cast of ten Queenslanders shared their real-life experiences and the consequences of not being vaccinated.

The campaign aims to remind Queenslanders of the seriousness of respiratory viruses, with the tagline ‘Don’t be complacent.’

Rhys Ellis, Director at IPER, says:

‘We often hear on the news about the severity of these viruses, but we wanted to show how they personally affect people in their daily lives.’

By amplifying voices from Indigenous people, children, caregivers and the immunocompromised, the campaign demonstrates the varied effects of these viruses on individuals.

These narratives emphasise that vaccination and continued hygiene practices, such as handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when unwell, safeguard not only personal health but also the well-being of those around us.

The campaign debuts today across various platforms, including video-on-demand, outdoor billboards, digital, and social media.


Production Company

IPER Production Company: IPER

Director: Rhys Ellis

Producer: Travis Hunt

Production Designer: Sian Laycock

Gaffer: Dance Russell

Sound Recordist: Dean Ganter

Sound Design: Ben Stewart - Folklore Sound Design

Production Assistant: Deness Lu

Lighting Assistant: Adam Pender

HMUA: Lucille Korponay

Location Manager: Kate Tiller (A Perfect Space)

Queensland Health Internal Creative Team

Creative Team Leader: Rohan Young

Audio/Visual Team Leader and DOP: Rob Baxter

Graphic Designer/Producer: Neill Hooper

Graphic Designer: Aimee Veca

Photographer: Mary-Ann Shapcott Offline

Editor: Mark Johnston

Media Media Agency: EssenceMediacom


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