grill the marketer - live Q&A event

No pitches, no PowerPoint presentations, no upsells...

Just Carma and Clay answering your questions. LIVE.

A new kind of marketing event for Perth! Your marketing questions answered.


Carma and myself with special guests and our amazing host Melissa Bowen are here to talk marketing with you and discuss your specific problems and ideas for your business.

Marketers, business owners, skateboarders, all are welcome!

Numbers are capped so you'll get a chance to ask your burning marketing question whilst enjoying snacks and a drink with us.

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We can't wait for you to grill us at our gorgeous Venue Sponsor - Henry Summer!

Grill The Marketer Events - 2021

Our Next Event:

Grill The Marketer, April 15th - The Oasis, Henry Summer.

Tix & Info below!

See you there.


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