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grill the marketer
live marketing Q&A event in Perth


No pitches, no PowerPoint presentations, no upsells...

Just Carma and Clay and our rad guests answering your questions. LIVE.

Grill us!

Grill The Marketer, in partnership with the Australian Marketing Institute welcomes all marketers, business owners and managers, and marketing students - if you have marketing questions, come and ask them.


Don't have a specific question - but you want to chat marketing with people who LOVE to talk about marketing? Great! Come along.


Are you looking for a marketing role? Maybe we can introduce you to your new boss. It's happened before.


Our community is generous with their time and skills and believe that when it comes to marketing, the better you do, the better we all do. That's why so many awesome projects and collabs have been born from this event.


We LOVE connecting our networks. We don't love events with pitches, boring PowerPoint pressos, and upsells. So Grill The Marketer is simply our marketing brains directed at your challenge or topic.


What would go for a bundle in consulting fees or training dollars, comes to you in this fun package for less than an order of Uber Eats.


Clay Smith & Carma Levene (AKA The Marketer) will let you grill them, and our MC, Jacqueline Baril will keep us all on track.


We also invite special guests from the industry who have a story to share with you and we've had some cracker guests in the past like Pentanet CMO Alison Balch, DGPR's David Gardiner, Crown's Kelly Townson, Synergy's Hayley Boneham, TikTok sensation Seva Mozhaev (@sevspics), Michael Haluwana from Aeroture, AMI Chair Gabe Mach, Cory Gale from Tourism WA, So Perth Founder Adam Barrell, Facebook Ads powerhouse Paul Ramondo, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Rare Callum Mackenzie, Brand Strategist Carolyn Hall, Kimberley Lim, Head of Regional Marketing, APAC for Hexagon’s Mining division, LinkedIn Trainer Jo Saunders, and Pretzel founder, Brittany Garbutt.


You'll love the informal vibes and awesome community, here to help you learn something, confirm something, find a new perspective, or just generally connect and swap war stories.


  • Cost: $48+bf 

  • Date: Multiple TBA for 2024 - Thursday evenings

  • Where: Wolf Lane

  • Time: 5.30pm

How does this all work, anyway?

Come in, grab yourself a drink at the bar and mingle, Clay and I try to get around and meet everyone beforehand.

Our MC will let you know when it's time to start. They'll introduce themselves, the event, your marketing question answer-ers (Carma + Clayton) and our guests.


We'll say a couple of short words about our experience and then we'll start taking your questions.


If you're called on to ask your question, please say your name and the business/industry your question relates to and we'll do our best to tailor our answers to you specifically.


Once we’re done feel free to hang around for drinks and to chat more about marketing 🙂

What's the origin story?

Grill The Marketer came about from talking to marketing event attendees who really just wanted their questions answered without the fluff and sales agenda. So we made an event that's 100% Q&A - and it's FUN.


Grill The Marketer is proudly presented in partnership with the Australian Marketing Institute, and affords members certain perks. For those who hold the Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) certification, attending Grill The Marketer events will allow you to collect points towards maintaining your CPM status.


You could even find your way onto the panel, as previous WA Committee Chair, Gabe Mach did.


Want to make sure we answer your specific question? Get in touch on

We offer a student discount, so if you're a current marketing student, get in touch for the discount code.

Want to sponsor our event, be a guest or have us feature your campaign? Get in touch on we'd love to hear from you.

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