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  • Clayton Smith

Boston Beer Can Crush - By Zendoke

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Boston Brewing Co can range - Design by Zendoke

Over the last year, thanks to a couple of snobby beer aficionado friends of mine (my wallet hates you Damo and Leigh), I have found myself liver deep in the world of craft beer; and what a delicious world it has turned out to be.

The scene has exploded in recent years, with new breweries appearing faster than Australian Prime Ministers, and with several new ranges appearing in bottle shop fridges every single week (that's not an exaggeration), the pressure to stand out on the shelf is high.

From a marketing perspective, the craft beer shelves offer a fascinating examination of current packaging trends, as the breweries all push to grab the eye and make you buy.

In this week's post, I want to look at one of the most consistently great local breweries in terms of packaging design, Boston Brewing Co by Perth design studio, Zendoke.

The Designer - Zendoke

Zendoke is founded by Jarrod Fuller (above), and is based here in Perth.

With extensive experience from around the globe, the portfolio on show on the Zendoke website is pretty amazing. It looks like Jarrod and co have established themselves as the kings of beer branding and whiskey branding. Check em out here.

Excellent choice of industry Jarrod, my jealousy is palpable. Now, onto the beer.

The Brand - Boston Brewing Co

Started in 2011, Boston Brewing Co is based in Denmark, Western Australia. I can personally attest to the consistent quality of their beers, haven't had a bad one yet, they come across as a seriously impressive brand from all angles. Don't take my word for it; go drink their beers, thank me later.

The Design - Vibrancy, Colour & Continuity

According to Zendoke;

Zendoke worked extensively with Boston Brewing Co to develop a brand & strategy that leveraged the wonderful town of Denmark and spectacular Great Southern region of Western Australia.
The designs and renaming of the beers took inspiration from the region; from the crisp clean waters and ancient rock formations, to the untouched forests that meet the sea.

As I mentioned in my introduction, packaging in the craft beer scene is of vital importance as the number of beers entering the market every single week continues to climb.

The Boston Brewing Co cans though cut through the clutter with a vibrancy and continuity that is polished and clean, but also fun and engaging.

Vibrant colour combinations, with an amazing feel of movement from the full wrap around designs.

Each can is unique, but brand continuity is strong.

Masterful work from Zendoke, love seeing this level of quality coming from a Perth based designer for a WA brand.

I look forward to featuring more of Zendoke's work in my fridge... I mean on this blog, very soon.


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