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In The News: We Are Sprout teams up with Two Raw Sisters

We Are Sprout teams up with Two Raw Sistersto highlight Nectarines and Peaches as top on-trend summer salad ingredients

FMCG and QSR brand/digital agency We Are Sprout has teamed up with best-selling cookbook creators Two Raw Sisters to highlight top on-trend summer salad ingredients – with nectarines and peaches taking centre stage.

Announcing the partnership on Instagram, We Are Sprout said: “We are very excited to announce We are Sprout have partnered with the very clever NZ duo the @tworawsisters on an exciting foodie project. These two delightful ladies are making serious waves in NZ, from best-selling cookbooks, to advocating delicious, nourishing food.

The Sprout team are shameless foodies, with an insatiable appetite for great ideas, so naturally this partnership made a lot of sense. Bring on 2024 and all the yums!”

Fresh thinking for food

Both We Are Sprout and Two Raw Sisters are looking to inspire fresh thinking for food. For Rosa and Margo - their focus is on sharing the power of plants, inspiring the creation of nutritious, delicious meals made with fresh, easily available, and in-season ingredients, and to help people improve their relationship with food.


We Are Sprout, helmed by Founder and Director Drew Ridley and account service lead ‘chief schmoozer’ Katie Reeves, is on a mission to provide fresh thinking for food brands that want to stand out.

We Are Sprout’s clients include a range of high-profile Aussie and Kiwi companies which supply food to supermarkets, quick-service restaurants, cafes, restaurants pubs, clubs, and more, and the agency’s services range from product ideation, brand creation and identity, market presence and customer engagement.


Drew Ridley said:

“Our team of problem solvers, insight-driven strategists, design experts and storytellers are true foodies who thrive on helping brands create and share exceptional food products and experiences. We are passionate about the importance of delicious, nutritious food and we’re thrilled to team up with Rosa and Margo to inspire people to try zest up their summer salads, to spotlight nectarines and peaches as a key ingredient of the summer, and to highlight new compilations – such as roasting fruit and topping with dukkah.”


Katie Reeves said:

“Rosa and Margo’s down to earth approach to create over the top delicious but accessible, affordable, and nutritious food, as well as help people better connect with their food, really resonates with what we’re working to achieve at We Are Sprout. We love Two Raw Sister’s Roasted Beets and Nectarines with Dukkah recipe, it brings together fresh, zesty, savoury and sweet flavours, and including peaches makes a wonderful substitution or addition.”


Rosa and Margo Flanagan said:

“We believe everyone should benefit from healthier living, and while we take nutrition seriously, we love making cooking practical, relatable and enjoyable for all eaters. We love the inclusion of nectarines or peaches in a summer salad, and it brings added nutritional benefits too. And, if you haven’t tried roasting fruit yet, it is a must! We’re thrilled to team up with We Are Sprout to share our recipe, and to highlight the power of nectarines and peaches.”


Peaches and nectarines - the spotlight salad ingredient of summer

Grown around Australia and in season from October to April, nectarines and peaches capture the taste of long sunny days and warm nights, and are a good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and prebiotics.

Perfect as a quick snack, these juicy stone fruits with their delicate, fresh flavours are an excellent addition to zest up a salad – and can be taken to a new level when roasted or grilled.



ABOUT Two Raw Sisters

From Christchurch, New Zealand, Rosa and Margo Flanagan have created an internationally recognised plant-focused food platform to educate and inspire all eaters to create better lifestyles by making plants the centrepiece of every plate. Neither of them are vegan or vegetarian; they just prefer putting meat second. Their recipes aim to break the barrier between eating well and sustainably while being mindful of cost.

Rosa and Margo’s journey was inspired by their own personal health challenges – Rosa was an elite athlete before developing an eating disorder, while Margo suffered from chronic fatigue and endometriosis. Finding strength to overcome their challenges together, Rosa became a qualified nutritionist and Margo a culinary aficionado. Discovering the power and delicious taste of plants, and wanting to share this with others, Rosa and Margo launched their first cookbook in 2018. 

Two Raw Sisters now have four best-selling cookbooks - Salad, All Eaters Welcome, Two Raw Sisters, and Simply Fancy - as well as an iOS and Android app - Two Raw Sisters - and a FODMAP e-book.


ABOUT We Are Sprout

An independent FMCG and QSR brand agency, comprised of FMCG and QSR experts, category definers, problem-solvers, and shameless foodies with an insatiable appetite for great ideas. We Are Sprout delivers fresh thinking for brands that want to stand out, from shelf to screen, box to billboard and beyond. We Are Sprout’s clients include a range of high-profile Aussie and Kiwi companies which supply food to supermarkets, quick-service restaurants, cafes, restaurants pubs, clubs, and more. 


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