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Introducing Z-West: Hypnosis reveal insights into what drives WA’s Generation Z

Western Australia’s Generation Z believe the Aussie dream of buying a home is still alive and typically favour brands that are by or for the West, exclusive new research from Hypnosis Creative Agency reveals.

Perth-based Hypnosis in partnership with CrowdDNA, an international research company whose work for Netflix’s 2022 reboot of Heartbreak High established them as leaders in understanding the Gen Z audience, is shining a light on what shapes and influences WA’s Gen Z's (Z-West), how that influences buying behaviour, and why they differ from their eastern states counterparts.

Gen Z are the most talked about - and most chronically misunderstood - generation of our time. As the next wave of consumers, understanding the driving forces behind their purchasing decisions will be of critical importance to brands in years to come.

The ‘Introducing Gen Z-West’ research found that unlike their eastern counterparts, when it comes to home ownership where ambitions to own have been put on the backburner, Z-West are still keeping home ownership at the forefront of their financial ambitions, with one in two Z-Wests either saving for or actively looking for a home.

The research also found that Z-West resonates with brands that are by or for the West, such as independent WA breweries, that leverage state pride, outdoor lifestyle, sense of humour and casual tone of voices. Those brands that give back to the community, whether it be in sport, arts or the environment are also winning huge cred with Z-Wests.

Guy Patrick, Executive Creative Director, Hypnosis, said:

“It became evident when talking to these young people that it’s tough out there, being a Gen Z. But for every challenge they face, they’re tackling it head-on and growing their resilience. However, Z-West want brands to know they have a welcome seat at the table in their cultural lives.”

Hypnosis, which believes empathy is at the centre of great creative, engaged Gen Z-West subjects not in focus group rooms but in the world in which they live.

The participants spanned different mindsets, genders, life stages, cultures, religions, politics and sexualities, with topics covered including money, ways of working, connection with community, creative expression and spirituality explored.

Amber Martin, Co- Founder, Hypnosis, said:

“The insights gained from this research project challenge existing beliefs about Gen Z-West and provide brands with a distinct advantage over their competitors. There's a lot of stereotypes and noise around this generation, so it was vital to go deeper and have a uniquely Western Australian perspective.
We were blown away by the depth and openness of conversations we had that have resulted in actionable insights for brands, and encourage those that are interested in finding out more to get in touch.”

The ‘Introducing Gen Z-West’ findings were revealed to a select audience at Fridays Studio in West Perth, alongside portraiture of some of the Z-West subjects by acclaimed international photographer Finlay Mackay.

The night concluded with a panel discussion with Gen Z-West subjects and an audience Q&A. To get a copy of the report, click here.

You can ask Hypnosis Creative Agency Co-Founder all about this study at our upcoming Grill The Marketer event. Tickets here.


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