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Meet The Grill Team: Carma Levene

Carma Levene

Co Founder - The Marketer, Carma Levene

Carma Levene is the quintessential marketing nerd who loves exploring strategy and tactics.

She’s worked with international agencies, SMBs, NFPs and government departments, but she’s most at home in the hospitality, events and tourism niche.

Moving between strategy, implementation, analysis and optimisation, Carma loves nothing more than pulling all the pieces together to make an impact on a businesses bottom line.

Her passion and experience led her to become a Seasonal Academic at ECU tutoring Social Media Marketing students at the School of Business and Law.

Her insights have been internationally published by Social Media Examiner (among numerous industry publications) as a subject matter expert in Social Media Marketing, Strategy and Personal Branding.

Carma is the State Deputy Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute, a member of the Oasis Committee, and a seasoned awards judge.

She's a mentor to early career marketers and experienced podcast host. She also Co-Founded The Marketer, and runs Grill The marketer - an event series for local marketers.

The Marketer

Carma & Clayton founded The Marketer to create a space to talk about marketing campaigns from a local perspective. It started with a website and a podcast, and now has a successful event series with a passionate following.

They are both experienced digital marketers who decided to choose collaboration over competition to bring The Marketer to life.

We're so proud of the last 5 years of running Grill The marketer and building our community. It really is a pleasure to be able to bring them the best minds in the business to help boost their careers, stoke their creativity, and satisfy their curiosity.

As we know, the best practitioners are lifelong learners.


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