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  • Clayton Smith

Nomad Chocolate by Two From Two

As you may have noticed, I like black and white branding. Clean, crisp and minimalist with plenty of space. Bold colour in graphic design and branding is not for beginners ie me.

Perth based husband and wife branding team Two from Two are definitely not beginners. From what I’ve seen, Brett & Emma are masters of their craft.

I recently came across their work on Nomad Chocolate, and it drew me in.

It’s colourful and light hearted, as well as clear and sleek. That is no easy fence to straddle my friends. The hand drawn illustration combines with the logo and colour selection to create a joyful story.

Joyful, but not frivolous. There is purpose here.

According to Two From Two;

"The illustrative packaging visually represents Nadja’s (Nomad founder) journey from travel and tasting to picking and pairing. The result is a range of products that are true to Nadja’s philosophy and celebrate her journey from bean to bar."

The all white background with single feature colour is very effective, with darker and lighter shades of that colour adding subtle depth as you can see below.

You 100% know what this brand is about, immediately. And that's great design.

Some others thought so too, they won awards!

FINALIST Australian Graphic Design Awards (AGDA) 2018

FINALIST Perth Advertising and Design Club Awards (PADC) 2018

Great work Brett & Emma, can't wait to feature more of your amazing work in the future.


Studio: Two From Two

Studio Photography: Foliolio

Illustration: Malcolm Lindsay

Thanks for reading fellow marketing lovers!

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