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Reality Hit For Drug Drivers Via Black Sheep

Black Sheep Advertising’s latest campaign for SAPOL (South Australian Police) aims to confront drug drivers with potential consequences of their behaviour and to pre-load paranoia of getting caught by police.

Between 2018 and 2022, 66 lives lost and 540 serious injuries on South Australian roads were the direct result of a vehicle being operated by someone who tested positive for drugs.

Clearly, Drug Driving is a key contributor to road trauma on South Australian roads.


“Research shows there is a stark difference between reality and the misconceptions of a drug driver. Methamphetamine users hold the idea that they are vigilant and highly reactive, while those using cannabis tend to think they are driving more cautiously”

says Tom Ootes, Director of Client Services at Black Sheep Advertising.


“Both perceptions are wrong.”


“Cannabis users don’t enjoy driving when stoned. They know it affects depth perception, reaction time and judgement. While meth makes drivers aggressive, over-confident and dangerously drowsy as the high wears off.”

Said Andrew Millar, Black Sheep Agency Principal.


Black Sheep‘s campaign is designed to breakdown irrational thinking that there is no consequence - both legally and morally – to drug driving, and the ads reflect the paranoia drug users experience when attempting to drive. The campaign portrays a confronting yet realistic look at the effects and ramifications of drug users’ choices, and delivers a strong key message – that reality hits hard when you drive on drugs.


Millar said

“This is not a message for all road users. We want drug drivers to see themselves here, reflect on their experience and pre-load a sense of paranoia in them before they get behind the wheel.”


This is Black Sheep’s fourth campaign for SAPOL, which includes the Effie Award nominated anti-drink-driving campaign “Selfish Prick”.


Officially launched on the 7th of March 2024, the campaign will roll out across TV, digital, radio, outdoor and social.



Client: SA Police

Manager, Media Road Safety: Richard Blackwell

Creative Agency: Black Sheep Advertising

Executive Creative Director: Andrew Millar

Creative Director: Jane ‘Keenie’ Keen

Director of Client Services: Tom Ootes

Account Manager: Chris Neill

Creative: Jane Keen, Danilo Watanabe, Franwyn Botha, Calry Staszuk

Strategic Consultants: John McLaren

Production Company: Proetic

Producer: Erica Ockenden

Director: David Ockenden

DOP: Nick Frayne

Sound: Scott Illingworth

Post-Production: Jon Holmes

Photographer: Richard Lyons

Casting: Heesom Casting

Media Agency: Carat Adelaide



About Black Sheep Advertising

Black Sheep Advertising is an independent, full-service advertising agency established over 18 years ago.

Working collaboratively to achieve effective results, Black Sheep’s mission is to redefine conventional marketing approaches and delivering innovative, client-centric solutions that captivate audiences.

This South Australian agency offers services in strategic planning, brand development, campaign development, design, social media, content creation, development project marketing and production management. Other than the Effie Award nominated ‘Selfish Prick’ Drink Driving campaign, Black Sheep is known for their work on Adelaide’s Bowden development, the SA Your Way website and the attention-grabbing ByADL campaign.



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