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Red Rooster Rebrand

Did you notice there's something a bit more modern and minimal about the Red Rooster branding?

Here's the previous logo:

If you're as old as me you might even remember a logo before this with a combo of red and blue, featured in this TVC from yesteryear.

Red, red, reddy, red...

And now for the updated logo:

Less chicken-y, but still represents chicken with what looks like (to me) as two chickens in profile facing each other. Someone else I spoke to said the chicken was facing front on and the holes in the "R"s were it's eyes.

However you look at it, I think it's still chicken-esque, and given that they have a well-known brand this is a safe move.

But this could have been confusing if they were new to market. You'd think having rooster in the brand name would be a good indication this company sold chicken, but a quick Google lead me to other businesses, like a graphic design company (that presumably don't sell chicken) and a Little Red Rooster PR firm (no chicken sold here)

But back to the cluckin' point.

This new logo and branding is a much more modern approach to a pretty old (by Aussie standards) food franchise. And to be honest I don't think too many people even noticed, but I think it's cleaner and bolder and I like it.

You can hear what they published about their re-brand and menu overhaul here but it's pretty light on details.

What do you think? Yay or nay to the RR chicken? Let us know, and check out our podcast for more chicken nuggets of marketing wisdom.

Brand on marketers.


Sam Allan
Sam Allan
Jan 09, 2023

It looks like a penguin. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


Alistair Craig
Alistair Craig
Mar 09, 2022

No, no and no. A chicken's face with two eyes certainly causes me to empathise with the chicken's plight, and remind me that there's a live sentient animal I'm thinking of eating. So, yes as far as the chickens are concerned. I've gone off red rooster now since the last heart logo(don't get me started), and this new logo is most definitely a nail in the coffin for me.

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