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Something borrowed, something new

If you are a marketer mentally singing Ben Lee right now, kudos. And sorry...

I've been a little slack with my The Marketer duties and I apologise, I let life get in my way but in my defense I did have an incredibly busy couple of weeks.

Fun fact: I was published on the Socialbakers blog. Feel free to check it out if you're into organic Social Media strategies.

But I have something for you this week I hope you'll find as interesting as I do - the trend of venues (hospitality specifically featured here) to have sleek, modern logos and branding, that also have a nod to the past.

King Somm

Firstly, you may have seen my post on The Marketer's Facebook page that shared the logo of a new Bayswater bar called King Somm. Why would I share a logo? Because it's awesome.


How awesome is this?

I LOVE this logo!

And I can't help but think back to the resemblance to playing card kings of old. The logo was created by @sofreshpeche of Hella Good! Studio and there's no wonder why he's based between here and the states with 10k followers.


Why I like it?

Sleek, modern, minimalist, with a nod to days gone by.

King of Clubs

Genius. Great work Dipesh.

I can't wait to check this place out in my old hood and sit in what used to be a vintage store and bookshop (from memory) and drink some wine. Classy AF.


Then there's the only place I like to buy coffee from when I'm in Brookfield place (which is quite a bit) Playa.

Sure, I miss their jaffles (especially the Sket Outta Here - tinned spaghetti and cheese on super white bread - oh my lawd why did they have to let it go?) but I make do with their very vast bagel selection and the delicious scrambled egg and sriracha brioche when I'm hungry or the fruit salad when I'm trying to kid myself that I'm an adult.

Playa's branding appeals not just for the logo - which really is just a palm tree - but their whole branding, which is on POINT!.

Vamos A La Playa

The Playa vibe carries across their huge mural, the pink coffee machine, the cups, and the cold brew samplers. I lifted this photo from their instagram:

I asked Ben Borrett about the branding and he was very kind to indulge me during the morning rush (as a hospitality veteran - I should know better).

I knew you fellow marketers would want to know about the logo development process - but to Ben it was almost too easy to come up with the branding. Maybe it's us marketers that make it complicated?

They got Daek William to do their mural, and having done one at their previous venture (Engine Room in North Perth) they told him they wanted something Miami Vice cool - and he delivered.

If Daek's name sounds familiar it should (if you're from Perth) he's a renowned muralist who also did the art on the front of Graffiti on King, among others.


So I guess the lesson here is if you want something artistic, unique and super cool - that also give you a nostalgic vibe, seek out an artist rather than a logo designer. (sorry logo designers)

The other takeaway - don't skimp on your branding. They are important to standing out and communicating things about your brand you can't do with your website, I mean, Playa doesn't even have one!

Nostalgia is powerful, but standing out and being cool is also important. The genius of these two examples it that they do both.

What do you think? Share some branding you love with us!

If you've been to King Somm in Bayswater let us know what it's like...and if you're in Brookfield check out Playa - the coffee doesn't disappoint and the team's ace.


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