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  • Clayton Smith

Let's Thursday Like We Friday

While you don't have to twist my arm to get me to out for a drink in the Perth CBD on a Thursday night, others need more convincing. I might play hard to get for a minute or two, but just whisper the idea to my buddy Carma and she'll be there with bells on in a flash.

To this end, City Of Perth teamed up with The Brand Agency and put together the 'Let's Thursday Like We Friday' campaign to remind Perth punters that all the awesome Friday night Perth city hotspots are also open on Thursday nights.

While I know this isn't the most recent marketing campaign (released in early 2017), we at The Marketer do not discriminate based on age, so let's discuss!

Thursday is Open For Business

Featuring none other than Aussie music legend, Tex Perkins (swoon), these ads are great.

The main piece is an almost two minute soliloquy from big Tex, straight down the barrel of the camera, titled "Manifesto".

Have a watch;

Then there were two short vids, this one titled, "Chord";

and "Bar";

Keep Calm & Thursday On

If city workers are going to head for a drink on a Thursday, most are probably not looking for a rave. Similarly from the bar side, most bars in the city don't provide an Ibiza club style experience, and wouldn't be interested in customers who are looking for that.

The setting, music and script all communicate a classy yet lighthearted vibe that align well with what Thursday workers will be looking for in Thursday after work beverage.

Alignment is my favourite buzziest buzzword, and I will be overusing it for sure in all future pieces. Apologies in advance. I digress.

Serious Writing Chops

It takes about three seconds of Manifesto to realise that we are not in Kansas anymore, and are dealing with a serious wordsmith. That wordsmith (according to Campaign Brief) is Melita Masters. Fanboy time.

The concept is that of an intervention; to lift Thursday out of its status as the maligned and maltreated little brother of Friday and give it the respect and love it rightfully deserves as the gateway day to the weekend.

The ad starts out personifying Thursday as "the posterboy for soggy two day old leftovers and bad reality tv served with a tall glass of boredom" who "lurks in the shadows of hump day, and hangs in limbo until badass Friday comes along." Hehe.

Big Tex then proceeds to tell us that "Thursday deserves more than that pathetic quagmire of midweek lethargy" and then starts the transformation of Thursday into the "the gateway day to the weekend."

Tex is then going to coax out the carefree side of Thursday's personality and shake things up with "a few new moves and a come hither look in his eye". Amazing.

Thursday's transformation is then complete into the "pre-weekend treat; the moorish entree to the main; an extra night of fun."

The Two Shorties

I couldn't finish this without a quick mention of the two fifteen second ads "Bar" & "Chord".

Top marks for getting Tex on the guitar and for also showcasing Tex's comedic timing. And don't forget when you put the two titles together, they become "bar chord" which is a crucial part of playing the guitar itself. As a tragic string plucker myself, I fully appreciate this music based wordplay. Bravo.

Two Big Thumbs

With excellent writing from Melita Masters and flawless delivery from Tex Perkins, these ads deliver a classy and intimate feel that nail that chic and hidden bar feel you want from a Thursday after work drink.

Great work by all on a great idea that was well executed, with killer writing from Melita Masters and flawless delivery from Tex Perkins.

Highly recommend they revisit this idea, so much great stuff you could do with the concept. It's the one and done feel that is the only disappointing aspect of this great campaign. I want more!

Anyone for a cocktail?


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