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Alison Balch Joins us for Grill The Marketer

What a blast talking about what happens at the pointy end of a marketing career!

CMOs are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate marketing effectiveness, and Alison shared her experience of navigating the expectations of the C Suite, and the layer of complexity in working in a publicly listed company, Pentanet.

She also candidly shared her experience with launching her agency, Ampersand, and what it was like building that business.

So many great tips for mid-tier and up-and-coming marketers - no wonder there was no shortage of questions being fired to the panel!

We're so grateful that such inspiring industry folks keep agreeing to put themselves out there for a grilling, so thanks Ali for letting us pester you until you gave in. Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Photo time!

Next up?

We also announced our final Grill guest for the year.

Drum roll please...

Grill The Marketer is hosting our first interstate guest on November 23rd, and we couldn't be more excited to wrap up '23 on a doozy.

We'll be hosting Zeina Khodr - Chief Spark/Founder at Paper + Spark (AMI Marketing Agency of the Year 2022), B&T Women in Media (Entrepreneur) 2023 Winner, AMI NSW State Chair, and CPM of the Year 2022.

Whilst she spends most of her time in Sydney, Paper + Spark also have some WA clients, so we've managed to wrangle a spot on the Grill in between client meetings and Zeina flying home in time for The Weekend.

Do not miss this one.


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