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November Grill Wrap: Brittany Garbutt

Hooly dooly.

Still vibing the energy from Thursday night when our biggest crowd ever got to experience the unique, frank and brilliant Brittany Garbutt - Founder of Pretzel, Voodoo Café and Chubby Boy.

Kicking it off we got slightly sidetracked into a Twitter and Elon Musk conversation - but it's hard not to be fascinated by this saga. What will happen to our longest running social media platform under it's new ownership? We'll have to grab some popcorn and watch it all unfold...

back to the reason we came out.


Brittany Garbutt founded Pretzel at 23. With her own cash. Selling pretzels she rolled by hand out of a pink sea container in the Perth Cultural Precinct.

And it went gangbusters!

And how did she know it would work? A background in brand design, intimately knowing what motivated her target market and a bit of narcissism.


At 28 she now operates Pretzel nationally, has built two new businesses, and has moved into her first office.

Questions came thick and fast about building brands, and her no-bullshit answers from her own experience were so refreshing to listen to.

We Asked

We touched on everything from branding, to mental health, vetting brand ambassadors, and the challenges of wrangling a young workforce.

When asked about how she felt about taking such a big risk by spending $100k of her own money to start the first Pretzel store, she tells the story of how she paid the deposit and quietly walked off to go and vomit.

And then added - if it didn't work out, she'd only be as broke as everyone else she knew and at 23 had plenty of time left to rebuild.

With 100% commitment to backing her vision, and a strategy of creating spaces for her ideal customer to interact with (not in a neon lights/pics for the 'Gram) in meaningful ways, she knew she'd succeed.

Building space actually becomes a theme for Brittany - it's the same strategy she has with her employees (her "kids"), allow them space to have ideas, maintain a consistent approach, and measuring intent not actions means she can get through to her staff and they not only do their jobs - but become powerful advocates.

I Reckon

I'm struck by the balance she possesses - managing to exude softness and openness in equal amounts to her obvious business bad-assery. And I'm impressed because we live in a world with so few real leaders, able to be both raw and tough, and who understand that the way to engage your workforce it to be real with them, leave space for them and maintain consistency. Then this flows on to your customers.

There's no coincidence this was such an awesome night - I knew Brittany would be a dynamic and raw guest that you guys would just love from the moment I met her.

And Then

I couldn't write a wrap up of the evening without mentioning the 360 Photo Booth from Peter at Spoilt Photobooths.

How much fun was that? We'll share some of our fav clips soon.

What Podcast?

To those of you who asked about The Marketer Podcast, you can listen online here, or wherever you get your podcast fix.

The one we referenced where we talk about Twitter at length is the latest episode, #37.

Thanks To

We have a crew who makes these events possible. Nothing's ever too much for them - so you will know their names!

Our amazing guest Brittany, for making time for us - you shared with us so openly and we can't thank you enough.

We've had some incredible guests this year, thanks to all of you for bringing something special. It's not easy sitting on a panel knowing you could be asked literally anything, but everyone's done an awesome job. If you have guest reccos for 2023 flick us an email.

Venue Sponsor Henry Summer makes planning so easy - and bend over backwards to accommodate us in their beautiful, leafy venue. Special mention to Annelies, the events manager and Isaac, our sassy barkeep.

Keith Hutchinson tirelessly wrangles our microphones, he's our OG - he's been in attendance at every Grill The Marketer event we've done in three years bar one (where he was in the US visiting his father).

Jacqueline Baril MCs her ass off so we stay on track and you get the most out of your evening. Did you know she flew in from Paraburdoo the day of the last event? She's in Bali right now having a well-deserved holiday.

Massive thanks to our fill-in MCs this year, Jason Balchand and Hayley Boneham who both did an excellent job!

The Australian Marketing Institute for your support, and the support of the WA State Committee who turn up time after time in between their own schedules and the AMI event roster.

And lastly, YOU! This event depends on you.

Your participation, your thoughts, your's all you baby!

We wouldn't be able to pull off these events with a less-than-excellent audience who show up, contribute and collaborate with each other. So give yourself a high five for being Perth's most awesome marketing community!

Now What?

Even though that was our final Grill The Marketer event for 2022, we have one more chance to gather at Henry Summer before the end of the year. Register below, it's free.

If you can't make it, we'll see you in 2023, stay tuned for more info on that, and we'll share the photo gallery with you all soon!


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