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Australia Day Ad Honors

You're hearing from me again because if I don't write about the Australia Day ads this week it'll be old news next week as we fly into February!

Where does the time go marketers?

I digress.

There were some crackers this year for Australia Day.

We all know there'll always be a corker of an ad from Meat and Livestock Australia, and they seem to consistently nail the current mood.

This year was no different - featuring themes of the revolving door of Aussie Prime Ministers, changing the date of Australia Day, and the ball tampering scandal.

If somehow you haven't seen it, check it out below:

The genius of this ad (and with previous year's ads) is that they manage to echo popular sentiment from all over our wide brown land - in this case; that New Zealand, who we often think of us the little brother we love to hate, is really looking like they have it together compared to us.

Their PM is mintox. Ours is, who again...?

But in this ad for New Australia-land they attacked something New Zealand loves. Lamb. So they fought back.

The lesson here marketers, when you fire shots, register the domains. The New Australia-land domain was registered by Tourism New Zealand the next day and a lamb-off was on.

Tourism New Zealand fires back

The website lists everything that's the bee's knees about New Australia-land, which all happen to be in New Zealand.

Well played NZ. I wonder if Norway will counter-claim their "nobody does trolls better" statement? Probably not.

Tourism New Zealand boss, Andrew Waddell is interviewed in this article from but the best quote from him is about their motivation for this bonza clap-back:

“We wanted to add to the conversation so we took the spirit of unity in the ad, as well as the cheeky banter between Australians and New Zealanders,”

But this wasn't the only pearler Australia Day execution, Maccas had an eye-catching Out Of Home campaign playing on the phonetic spelling of our Aussie twang.

Some found it a bit on the nose, but most saw the fun in it.

I'll admit that it took a second or two for the Quarter Pounder one to make sense.

The placement of them all in a row has such an impact you can't help but read them all, and the simplicity of the creative let's the idea shine. While I didn't see them in person, I can imagine the punters standing around waiting for their bus, their mouths moving slightly as they sounded out the words.

There seemed to be no digital component of this campaign, which is a bit of a shame.

I could see these as a carousel or simple slideshow getting great engagement.

Although it is more tricky for brands to wade into the Australia Day narrative online, than in an outdoor execution like this.

While I don't love this campaign, it certainly got attention - and that's what it's all about really.

And before we go, this isn't a campaign but stone the flamin' crows Maureen, how cool is this cake posted by The Rose & Crown?

Lamington, pie and sauce, Vegemite, shrimp on a barbie and a flag. Can't get a more Aussie cake than that! Although if we're picky most of the stars have the wrong amount of points...

So cobbers, they're the Australia Day campaigns that made an impact on me, did you see anything cool out there? Let me know!

Tune into our LIVE broadcast later today to have your say.


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