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Cast Your Vote: Marketing Podcasts You Love

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Podcasts - we LOVE them (even though I'm only a recent convert)

They're a great way to get information, be inspired, and make your commute seem faster. When we might not have time, or the attention span to stop and to watch or read something...voila!

Podcasts in your ears, dripping their sweet sweet knowledge juice.

And the best bit? Your hands are free! That dinner isn't going to cook itself, and unless someone wants to be my best friend there's no way that laundry folds and puts itself away.

Whatever niche you're into, there's a podcast to suit you, and marketers - you are well and truly catered for!

But what makes a podcast good?

For me, it's about a balance of delivery and content. I prefer a podcast that's easy to listen to. Volume, accent, cadence, intonation of the host and interviewees, the speed at which they speak (I often listen at 1.25X to speed up the slow talkers) and general sound quality make me much more likely to listen to your podcast episode and come back for more.

BUT that assumes you have something to say that I'm interested in. That's why it's a balance. I'll settle for less than optimal delivery for amazing content. Every now and again you find a unicorn that excels at both and it's ear nirvana. Great content delivered smooth as silk.

I really like the TED Talks Podcast on Spotify - that's the one that I keep going back to on my bus journeys into the city, but I asked marketers to tell me their favourites and what makes them so good.

Ted Talks Daily Logo

Here's what marketers like you told me

I got two responses for Akimbo by Seth Godin. One from Prosper Taruvinga from the Digital Marketers Australia FB Group and another from Kira Rikkers from the Australian Community Managers (ACM) FB Group.

Akimbo Podcast Logo

Why is it good: Prosper Taruvinga said "Seth really gets how to create things for people who care. He is a thinker. This is how you grow a business these days."

And Kira enjoys that each episode is short and sweet and focuses on one main point.


Melissa Bowen is a Perth Marketing & Media Specialist and Director of My Hustle Co-Working Space (you might remember that one from one of my previous articles) and she shared a podcast that she likes, Steph Taylor Socialette.

Why it's good: It's basic, step by step and great for beginners or non-marketers to go through and learn about marketing in 5 minute episodes.


Jade Toniolo is a Perth Senior Marketing Coordinator and added Target Internet's Digital Marketing Podcast to the list on my LinkedIn post looking for marketing podcast suggestions.

Target Internet Digital Marketing Podcast

Why it's good: Engaging content, the hosts level of knowledge and banter.


Lawrence Ladomery, also from the Digital Marketers Australia FB Group pointed out that although a podcast might have a specific niche, there were still broader lessons to be learned. He added The Marketing Book Podcast by Artillery.

The marketing Book Podcast Logo

This was a sentiment also echoed by Adam Barrell from So Perth (who you might remember from this article where we interviewed him about SP's Xmas Lights chatbot) Adam's favourite marketing podcast is How I Built This by NPR. It's the standout to him because you never know what lessons you will learn from some of the world's most successful startups.

How I Built This Logo


David Liu, another contributor from the Digital Marketers Australia FB Group suggested

Ecommerce Influencers by Andrew Foxwell and Austin Brawner.

Ecommerce Influencers Podcast Logo

Why it's good: The content. They are very knowledgeable about Facebook Advertising


Jake Pang from the ACM FB Group volunteered that he liked the range of topics covered by The Tim Ferriss Show podcast.

Tim Ferriss Podcast Logo

If That name sounds familiar it's because Tim Ferriss is the best-selling author behind the 4 Hour Work Week. I wouldn't call this a marketing podcast (it's content is more entrepreneurial/success mindset) but there's sure to be takeaways for marketers here.


Authority Hacker by Gael & Mark was contributed by Dylan Urquhart, also in the ACM FB Group.

Authority Hacker Podcast Logo

Why it's good: Real life examples, great podcast for beginners and the more advanced.


GK Kidd (Again from the ACM FB Group) likes the insight and interviews on LinkedIn's Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast.

The Sophisticated marketer's Podcast Logo


Daniel Lean had a top 3 for us -

Social Pros by Convince & Convert hosted by

Jay Baer (Convince & Convert) & Adam Brown (Salesforce) This is an award winning podcast, which you probably have heard of if you're into marketing podcasts. If not, definitely go and check it out and see why it's so popular.

Social Pros Podcast Logo

Conex: The Content Experience Show co-hosted by Uberflip’s President and CMO, Randy Frisch.

Conex Podcast Logo

And finally the Martech Podcast covering all things MarTech, just one of the few podcasts hosted by marketing specialist Benjamin Shapiro.

MarTech Podcast Logo


Amy Hourigan pointed us to The Dobcast Podcast by Erica Stacey because she liked the skilled way Erica got so much from her guests. And it turns out Erica has her own list of marketing podcasts she loves over on her blog.

The Dobcast Podcast Branding


Scott Mackenroth is another marketer who didn't have just one favourite!

Perpetual Traffic Logo

He shared that he likes Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer as its great for medium to advanced social advertising, marketing strategies and case studies.

Social Media Marketing Podcast Logo

Social Media Marketing Podcast by Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner

for its small business social media tips and tricks.

Face-2-Face, Facebook's Podcast Logo

And Face 2 Face by Facebook, hosted by Jules Lund which Scott listens it because it brings him big brand strategies and case studies.

Clay's Favourite Marketing Podcasts

Hey marketers, Marketer co-host Clay here taking over Carma's blog for a second. She's busy looking at pictures of puppies and listening to 90's hip hop, so I thought I'd sneak in my fave marketing podcasts while she wasn't looking. Take that birthday twin! (yes we have the same birth date).

The Art Of Paid Traffic - In the dirt analysis of Facebook Ads with digital marketing weapon Rick Mulready. Topics include interviews with small and big business owners, what's working and not working, how to's, tips, tricks and successful tactics and heaps more. Mulready is a Facebook ads beast and he is up to episode 226 of super helpful and in depth social media marketing chatter. Top work Rick.

This Old Marketing: Content Marketing with Pulizzi & Rose - A fantastic news focused podcast about the intricacies of one of the most misunderstood of all marketing approaches - Content Marketing. Heartbreakingly for me and thousands of other fans, this podcast ended at the end of 2017, but every single episode is worth listening and re-listening to for the amount of content marketing gold these fellas chat about.

Love the heck out of How I Built This too. Entrepreneurial ear porn, well chosen by my man Adam Barrell above.

Bonus Pod - Exponent - A fantastic podcast about the business of big tech. No bells, no whistles, no audio stingers or sound effects (YASS!) just a lively and insightful discussion and analysis of the motives, moves and countermoves of the tech behemoths that dominate the world today. Understanding the business motives of the these huge companies is always related to their marketing, hence this podcast is a must listen.

Throwing our hat in the ring!

The Marketer has launched it's very own podcast, and we'd love to know what you think. We've gone for a paired back, no jingle, low-fi vibe so it's not full of bells and whistles - just great marketing bants with a local slant.

You can find it on Apple and Spotify, or listen here:

So what do you think marketers? Have you found some new podcast inspo here?

Let us know who you're listening to, and what makes a great podcast in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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