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European Confederation of Marketing Honors Simon Sinek with Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

The European Confederation of Marketing (EMC) is proud to announce that Simon Sinek, renowned author and inspirational speaker, has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Marketing. This prestigious honor recognizes Sinek's exceptional contributions to the field of marketing, particularly through his Golden Circle theory, which has inspired leaders worldwide to achieve success through purpose-driven action.

"The Board of the European Marketing Confederation has decided to recognize a person of outstanding merit in the field of marketing each year on the International Day of Marketing. All countries have offered candidates and voted for the most remarkable one. This year, the winner of the award is Simon Sinek"

said Ralf Strauss, Chairman of the Board of the European Marketing Confederation during today’s award ceremony in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Simon Sinek is best known for popularizing the concept of "WHY” in his 2009 "TED Talk”, which has become the third most-watched talk of all time on, with over 40 million views and subtitles in 47 languages. Sinek’s Golden Circle theory, which focuses on the fundamental questions of "Why," "How," and "What," has revolutionized leadership and marketing strategies across the globe. By starting with the “why” and understanding the purpose behind their actions, leaders can inspire their teams and create a robust foundation for success.


A Visionary Leader


Described as a visionary thinker with a rare intellect, Simon Sinek has devoted his professional life to advancing a vision of the world where people wake up inspired, feel safe wherever they are, and end the day fulfilled by their work. His groundbreaking insights have been shared through bestselling books such as "Start with WHY," "Leaders Eat Last," and "The Infinite Game," as well as through his podcast, "A Bit of Optimism."


Sinek’s work extends beyond marketing and the corporate world. He frequently collaborates with the US Armed Forces, various government agencies, and numerous not-for-profit organizations. In 2021, he founded The Curve, a group of chiefs and sheriffs dedicated to reforming modern policing from the inside-out and ensuring justice is administered with dignity, equity, and fairness.

“People choosing to inspire others helps our movement grow. We are so honored that Simon has been selected for this award! Thank you for nominating Simon and for what you are doing to positively impact those around you. Together, we can better our world”

cheering Simon’s team.


Thorough Selection Process


The selection process for the Lifetime Achievement Award by the European Marketing Confederation (EMC) involves a two-stage approach. Initially, EMC members are invited to nominate candidates they believe are deserving of the award. These nominations are then compiled into a shortlist, which is distributed to all EMC member countries for voting.


Different countries employ various methods for selecting their nominees, including public votes within the marketing community or decisions made by association boards. After collecting and tallying the votes from each country, Simon Sinek emerged as the winner for this year's award.


A Day to Celebrate Marketing


EMC has officially designated 27th of  May as International Day of Marketing. This global initiative aims to highlight the pivotal role of marketing in driving business growth and societal advancement, while fostering a sense of pride within the marketing profession.


27th of May was chosen as the day to celebrate marketing because it was on this day in Chicago in 1931 that Philip Kotler, renowned as the “father of modern marketing,” was born. Kotler has written more than 80 books and has had a significant impact on the development of marketing worldwide.


On this significant occasion, EMC invites all marketing enthusiasts to get involved. "International Marketing Day provides a unique opportunity to highlight the strategic importance of marketing and its positive impact on organizations. Let’s unite and honor the marketing profession and its achievements. Celebrate with your colleagues, clients, and partners, create public initiatives or internal events, and share your personal stories of passion for marketing. Let’s celebrate marketing loudly and brightly and showcase its vital role in shaping the future," encourages Alvydė Palaimaitė, Vice President of the EMC.


For more information on International Day of Marketing, including logos and key visuals, please visit 



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European Marketing Confederation



About the European Confederation of Marketing (EMC):

The EMC, based in Brussels, is one of Europe’s largest marketing membership organizations, representing associations across Europe and beyond. EMC promotes high standards and professional integrity in marketing, sales, and communication. It facilitates knowledge exchange and professional networking among its’ members and offer the EMCQ, a European qualification and certification framework for accredited marketing qualifications.


About the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA):

The Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) is a non-profit organization uniting marketing and communication specialists, executives, and professionals. Founded in 2004, LiMA currently has a membership of over 1300 individuals working in the marketing field.


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