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‘Farm to Fork with Manu’ shows why Ingham’s is Always Good

Farm to Fork with Manu - a new digital content series where celebrity chef Manu Feildel goes behind the scenes at Ingham’s to see first-hand where Ingham’s poultry products come from - and plates up delicious dishes along the way.

‘Farm to Fork with Manu’ will run from June until October 2024 sharing Manu’s journey, following our chook dinner from a free-range poultry farm in South-East Queensland to Murarrie Primary Processing Plant in Brisbane, all the way to a local pub and onto our tables.

Manu’s journey was documented by the We Are Sprout team and will be shared through social media clips (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), YouTube videos, blogs, recipes, plus tips and tricks.

Manu Feildel goes BTS at Ingham’s in Farm to Fork campaign.

The campaign will be promoted by digital advertising across social media, YouTube, Google and media relations.

As the sun rises, Manu arrives at a poultry farm in greater Brisbane, Queensland to meet Farmer Grant and tour his 130-acre farm - walking the free-range fields and exploring the state-of-the-art, climate-controlled poultry sheds. This farm has been producing chickens for Ingham’s for almost 50 years, with Grant owning and managing the farm for eleven of these.


Manu discovers just what chooks are fed – a nutritious diet of grains and legumes (with no added hormones) before setting out to create a delicious lunch for the farm team.


With flame, flair and lots of fun, Manu cooks Coq au Vin on a barbeque with the freshest farm produce.


At Murarrie Primary Processing Plant in Brisbane, Manu tried out a new look – full PPE, to visit the processing floors and compare his chef-skills to the automated plucking, deboning, filleting, mincing and crumbing machines. Manu met many of the 1300-strong team at Murarrie Primary Processing Plant who work to produce the Ingham’s chicken products produced here, then set his sights on the kitchen where he teamed up with staff member Meena to cook a Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. 

Then it’s off to the local pub to follow Ingham’s chicken as it makes its way into kitchens around our country, and onto our tables. Manu steps into the kitchen, cooking up a tasty Chicken Kyiv with Café de Paris Butter, Prosciutto and Tarragon.


Supplying retail, quick service restaurants, wholesale and food service, Ingham’s is the largest poultry producer in Australia and New Zealand, so if you’re enjoying a chicken dinner tonight, there’s a good chance it was produced by Ingham’s – which is great, because this Australian-owned company is dedicated to animal welfare, quality production, sustainability, and its people. 


Did you know?

  • Chicken accounts for almost half of total meat consumption by Australians at 48%.

  • The average meat-eating Australian enjoys around 50 kilograms of chicken each year.

  • Chicken is the most sustainable land-meat protein due to low carbon emissions.

  • Chicken is the most cost-effect meat-protein, versatile and easily accessible.

  • Ingham’s, one of the largest integrated poultry producers in Australia and New Zealand, is focused on ensuring animal welfare and sustainability, product quality, and people satisfaction – which underpin the company’s Always Good promise.  

Manu teamed up with Ingham’s last year to present Ingham’s Dinner Done – creating a series of quick, easy, and delicious recipes cooking with poultry. This year, he's diving deeper into the poultry industry, to see first-hand how some of our nation’s favourite poultry products are made.


To learn more about Ingham’s, visit or follow @inghamsaustralia on Facebook, and Instagram, and @inghamschicken on YouTube.



Ingham’s is the largest integrated poultry producer across Australia and New Zealand, employing 8,000 people. It supplies locally-farmed chicken, turkey and plant-based protein products to major retailers, quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators, food service distributors, wholesalers and to export channels. Ingham’s was incorporated in March 2016 and is listed on the ASX as Inghams Group Limited.

Ingham’s is proudly certified by the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme in Australia, with animal welfare and sustainability two of the company’s top priorities. For more information, visit


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