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Nescafe Goes Bold & Cold With New Coffee Concentrates

I wanted to write about this because it's an awesome example of a product being launched that's changing the way we think of a brand.

And in this case, the brand is the massive legacy brand from Nestle, Nescafe.

When I think of Nescafe, I think of this:

Nescafe Blend 43 jar
Nescafe Blend 43

And, to be frank - I wouldn't drink this.

As a recovering coffee snob (yes - I drink almond milk now so that's out the window) I don't buy or consume instant coffee.

If I'm unsure of the type of coffee being offered to me, I opt for peppermint tea - because I'd just rather not drink instant. With one exception, frappe, Greek island style. And that's very rarely on offer (sadly).

So when I saw that Nescafe had released a range of coffee concentrates and my first thought was "Ooh, I want to try that!" I knew they were onto something.

Brand-wise I don't identify with the Blend 43 type product, but these sexier, contemporary syrups? Hell yeah! Gimme!

Shifting perceptions that Nescafe is an "old people" brand for "instant coffee drinkers" to being a fresh alternative for a refreshing cold coffee is a stroke of genius.

And it's not something they just jumped into - they did the research. They commissioned a study and found that:

"In 2023, 32% of the coffee consumed out of home was cold, the equivalent of 1 in every 3 cups. This segment is one of the fastest growing in the coffee industry, with a 15% consumption increase in the past four years.

Younger generations, in particular, have embraced the trend of drinking their coffee cold, and the rise of specialty coffee shops and cafés offering a wide range of cold coffee options has contributed to making it accessible and appealing to consumers."

A calculated risk, to get younger consumers on board, backed by data.

Philipp Navratil, Head of Nestlé’s Coffee Strategic Business Unit, said:

"Young coffee consumers start drinking their coffee cold. With the Nescafé Espresso Concentrate we want to capture the growing out of home cold coffee trend and bring it in-home, with a quality premium cold coffee, in a convenient, simple, and customizable way."

So, for $11 from Woolies, you can try their new offering in Australia. Pretty low barrier to entry.

I can't speak to the product itself (yet - to be honest it's likely too sweet for my palate) but I can say bravo to this as a beautiful example of the way an established brand can evolve the way they're seen by the market.

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