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Great Small Business Branding - Claudio Biscotti

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

The longer I’m in this marketing game, the more importance I place on brand.

I’ve come up with a (corny) phrase that sums up my current thinking :

“Every aspect of a brand is an opportunity”

From the logo all the way down to the hold music, every customer interaction with a business is an opportunity to communicate the brand story. (I’m sure many famous marketers have said something similar/that exact thing, but I’m pretending it’s mine for today. Please pretend with me 😅)

I have a lovely example of small business branding to look at in today’s post to help demonstrate my point. In particular, good logo design.

Bakery Oasis

I was recently in Busselton for a quick weekend away with my family and some friends, and we trundled on down to the Busso Markets on a cloudy and windy Sunday morning.

Firstly, it’s a great markets, highly recommend. Secondly, we came across a small business by the name of Claudio Biscotti that caught my eye. He’s a baker from Italy and his display was just beautiful, row upon row of stunning baked goods that sold me in a few seconds. But his logo was what got my marketing brain ticking.

Check it out;

Specifically, the use of Claudio’s own face as the main focus of the design.

Up Close & Personal

I am always banging on to small business owners that they have the ability to be personal and authentic, which can be extremely difficult for a larger business to replicate. When you go to Nonna’s Pizza Shop, you know the love and dedication that’s gone into that pizza compared to when you walk in to Dominoes, heck, Nanna is the one usually handing you the pizza. Doesn't get much more personalised than that.

Claudio and his designer have taken the personality and authenticity of a small business and put it straight into the logo, using Claudio's own face. That’s actually pretty ballsy for a small business.

Hell, I can’t even get small business owners to have a pic of themselves on their About Us page on their website, let alone an outline of their face in the logo.

It’s effective. The whole story of the brand is right there. Welcoming, authentic, personal, classic yet modern and professional, all the good things you would want your bakery logo to communicate. Boom, right there in that face.

So big ups to my man Claudio for putting his money where is face is.

And if you ever do come across Claudio and his wares, do your self a massive favour and try his porchetta sandwich (he makes the porchetta himself, taste level = ridiculous) and wash it down with a custard filled donut. So damn excellent.

Check out Claudio's Facebook page here.

Claudio Biscotti
Claudio Biscotti


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