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Lamb Ad? Or Lame Ad?

Unpopular opinion: I don't rate the new lamb ad. I know, shocking. Hear me out.

Here's the ad in case you somehow haven't seen it:

It took a while to put my finger on why I didn't like this one, as I normally quite like these campaigns from Meat & Livestock Australia.


There's a supercut of 2015-2020

I've thought about this a lot, because I know there'll be some follow-up questions from my marketing mates - and I can explain why this one misses the mark for me.

And that's easier to do if I first explain what I like about the others.

See, they're for us. Aussies.

By Aussies, for Aussies - and as they went along I think they got better at being inclusive of non-stereotypical Aussies.

In the past they've had the quintessential "not taking ourselves too seriously" attitude, or making ourselves the butt of the joke - something I think is very Australian.

This latest one feels like it's not for us.

In trying to get the world to remember (or acknowledge) Australia exists and thus needing a lamb roll-out - which in itself is confusing as there's plenty of lamb overseas - it's not from here) and I don't think anyone would claim it's what we're known for internationally. Having travelled extensively, not once has anyone found out I'm Australian and said, "Oh, yeah - lamb" but I digress.

Let's assume this is the perfect way to remind people internationally that we're still here for the sake of the argument.

Who's this ad for? Just feels this idea has lost touch with the reason it was great. And hey, I get it. It's been hard to be continually motivated to do your best work this year with everything that's going on.

Or maybe this idea has run it's course.

Or maybe I'm just not feeling it this time...

It just feels like it's trying too hard, and that's something Aussies aren't known for. Are we selling Australia or meat?

Send us your thoughts marketers! Agree? Disagree? Have a third perspective? Email and share them with us.


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