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Noice, Different, Unusual - Aldi

Ads that point out something we know is true, but have accepted as part of life regardless are some of the most powerful.

They call out the nature of humans to get tunnel vision and keep doing things the way they’ve always been done.

That’s one of the reasons I love the Good, Different campaigns by ALDI – especially the new one about loyalty points.

We all know loyalty programs are a bit of a scam. I mean when was the last time you actually got to fly both on your preferred date and destination on frequent flyer points alone…never? Once? Just as I suspected.

And exactly how much money do you need to spend at Woolworths to get $10 off your shop? Does it outbalance the loaf of bread you bought that turned out to have a hole in the bag, so it was already stale when you got it home but you couldn’t be bothered returning?

If you think about how much money we waste at the supermarket, and how much you have to spend to get any rewards, it’s no wonder ALDI takes a shot at these schemes.

ALDI don’t have a loyalty program, they don’t really need one, and enlightening us to the fact that we’ve joined a cult makes for a hilarious TVC.


In fact ALDI are completely anti loyalty program, calling them “pointless points” and even creating a calculator to find out how pointless your points indeed are. Go on, try it!

Great work, BMF Australia! Well deserved winner of the 2018 B&T Awards for best campaign.


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