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Post Campaign Analysis

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Don't run away! The Marketer has used the phrase "Post Campaign Analysis" in a new and much more fun way than my agency friends will be used to.

The Marketer generally focuses on marketing in general or specific marketing campaigns...but what if there's a piece of stand-alone content that just really nails it?

We still want to look at that! A quick hat tip if you will.

And instead of having these pieces floating around the site, you can find them all here, chronologically from the date we saw them.

The ads are better at Hungry Jack's

I have a pineapple, I have a Whopper...

OMG what do we even need to say!?

Is this the greatest burger ad ever? No burgers appear until 10 secs from the end...

And we don't even care if you are pro or anti pineapple in food - this transcends the age-old debate.

Using YouTube star Pikotaro was a stroke of genius - and since he'd already shown his affection for pineapple in his hit video PAPP (pen pineapple apple pen) and so had his 16m subscribers with PAPP being viewed over 236m times, why not make this about a burger with pineapple?

You know your ad is good when it's getting parodies.

For those of us who like closure, we don't know if she got her Whopper, but there was this:

So hopefully her efforts were rewarded.

If you see marketing gold like this - feel free to tag The Marketer so we can share it.

ING is ListenING

ING absolutely nails this post:

ING - ListenING post
are you listenING to your audience like ING is?

Everyone loves a play on words, and this sweet sweet copy making music bank-relevant, set out like Spotify, more than trumps that fact that this is pretty average creative.

Check the comments - there's gold like this as people discover the clever way the brand has piggybacked something we've all used in a fun, relatable way.

With the brand dancing through the comments with a mix of GIFs and very straightforward advice about their products, ING make a boring topic like finances fun to be part of - hence the healthy dose of Social Proof you can see.

It doesn't always cost big bucks to create great content. Sometimes it's just clever.


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