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Spud King's Crisp Crown

Whether you call them chips or crisps - there's no denying the satisfying snacks crunchy charm. And WA's own spud king Tony Galati has just released Spuddies in four flavours.

Spuddies are the only potato chips that are locally grown and made in WA.

Spuddies are available in 300g packets of original, barbeque, chicken, and salt & vinegar and will be available in in Spudshed stores from this week.

Galati Group is one of Western Australia’s largest diversified agriculture producers and retailers, employing more than 2,000 people across the State. Best known for their 17 Spudshed stores and extensive potato production, Galati Group has expanded its business to produce potato chips at its Myalup potato production facility.

“We grow some of the best potatoes in Australia and yet we haven’t had any chips made in WA for nearly a decade,”

Tony Galati said.

“As West Aussies we deserve our own locally made, quality chips. I’ve been working with potatoes most of my life, so making a potato chip here in WA was the obvious next step in making the most of my favourite veg.”

The chips are made locally in Myalup will use potatoes grown on Galati farms in Myalup, Lancelin and Manjimup.

The processing facility is a $1m investment by Galati Group and with all potatoes grown and all production of the chips in WA, Tony says it is something the team are really proud of and hopes West Aussies will get behind.

“We have the best spuds, and now we have the best chips.”

BRB, heading off to Spudshed.


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