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Suffer in Your Jocks

Australian underwear company Bonds are at it again with their cheeky (!) humour and this time they've taken aim at a very important issue - GloBALL Warming.

Described as "A man-demic, sweating up the nether regions..." men are urged to cool their overheated plums.

If you haven't seen it, take a minute (and 11 seconds) to familiarise yourself with this giggle-inducing creative.

The Bonds X-Temp have "Ball cooling technology" that's definitely "science".

Interestingly not mentioned in this TVC they also make a range of X-Temp socks, which I guess isn't as funny...unless you were wearing them down your pants...I'm going to leave that there.

What I like about this campaign is, well everything.

It's funny, it taps into current topics, it has puns, and it's superbly cast with a diverse range of normal, relatable men doing normal man things without being over the top 'masculine' or sexist. I don't think it diminishes the very real threat of global warming either.

It's widely known that testicles should be kept from overheating, and instead of running a boring ad saying "our new undies keep you cooler" or our new jocks have "temperature regulating technology", they created a story that consumers will remember.

Something else I like about it? It's incredible Aussie-ness. I don't think "suffer in ya jocks" would have the same impact anywhere else and to be honest would likely just cause confusion.

The copy on the product page is well-crafted:

" Sweaty balls and sticky feet got you feeling like you're on the hot mess express?
Say 'see ya' to sweat and get reacquainted with the cool & confident guy in you."

Hot mess express - yes! Love it. A great job by Bonds, with the help of their creative agency Leo Burnett! I giggle every time I see this ad.

With Father's Day fast approaching, they've even included a version of the creative that makes it ok to gift Dads socks and jocks...something other brands will be telling you means you don't love him.

What do you think? Would you "give dad a cool package" or is that a bit cringey?

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