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Tourism Tasmania's Latest Campaign Launch - Odd Jobs

Is Your Job Odd? Maybe it Should be?

Do you have a default "I've had it - I'm running away" job? I've heard - open a bookstore in Europe, work as a florist, and I think mine's naming paint colours - but how does Wombat Walker sound? Or Wine Whisperer (actually I may have held that position), or Star Seeker? These roles are exactly the Odd Jobs Tourism Tasmania is asking you to apply for in their latest campaign starring Josh Thomas.

"Swap your day job for an Odd Job!" Says Tourism Tasmania

This is a delightful off-season destination marketing piece that I think is going to really boost Tasmania visitation in the winter. I mean not from WA straight away (we're very far away) but potentially from closer to the Tasman, and definitely for longer than these jobs last.

This campaign is delightful because it taps into the relatable narrative that our lives are too complicated, and need more whimsy. And despite tying gorgeous Tasmanian experiences into something all of us hate - applying for jobs - the actual application is almost beside the point.

A handful of lucky people will get their flights, car hire and accommodation covered, plus a "bounty of local artisanal goods" for a day of volunteering at an Odd Job.

And Tourism Tasmania gets to hand select a batch of brand ambassadors beyond the normal influencers, travel bloggers and celebrities they might normally get served to tell these stories - both during the campaign and, indeed, forever. Lifetime memories from lifetime, relatable advocates.


I wasn't sure about Josh Thomas at first, but it works. He's disarming, which is exactly what you need when asking people to add more work to their lives. He's also a bit of an Odd Josh, who expertly demonstrates the jobs don't need much by the way of experience.

I really love how polished this feels, with everything from working together down to the names and descriptions of the Odd Jobs, which are cleverly crafted without losing their meaning.

Using LinkedIn's job postings? Chef's kiss.

Great job Tourism Tasmania, and their agencies Havas Red and Starcom Australia for executing this so delightfully. I'm off to pop in an application for the Paranormal Investigator.


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