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Grill The Marketer Wrap-up: Our Strat Chat with Hannah Muirhead

Last Thursday we gathered to grill Hannah Muirhead, Brand Strategist at The Brand Agency.

A lively and thoughtful discussion was had, as always, lead by our attendees. Questions ranged from how to get started in strategy, how agencies retain and attract talent, and of course we delved into some of the campaigns Hannah had worked on like the Hungry Ghrelins for Food Bank and the No-One Plans a Crash campaign for Road Safety.

The importance of brand strategy and brand activity was highlighted - and defined as the feeling the audience has toward the brand. It's not the style guide, or what you say you are, brand lives in the minds of the people perceiving your brand, and every interaction they have with the business, each piece of content, and indeed every touchpoint adding up to create a whole picture.

Brand Strategy Chat

Guests were delighted by the non-nonsense approach to brand strategy provided by Hannah, who stated that it's an area often overcomplicated. Knowing where you are (benchmarking), why you're there, and where you need to get to, form the basis of any brand strategy - which essentially is the art (and science) of working out how to move towards these goals.

Brand Strategy Chat

Special thanks to our amazing MC, Jacqueline Baril and Peter from Spoilt Photo Booths for taking our awesome event snaps and bringing a bit of fun with his print booth.

Hannah's reading list:

Long and the Short of It by Binet and Field 

How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp 

Look Out by Orlando Wood

Clayton's podcast list:

This Old Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

The Pivot: Marketing Backstories by Todd Wheatland

Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Photo Gallery

Until Next Time

Our next Grill Guest is Kate Kirwin!

Kate is passionate about world changing ideas and is dedicated to building pathways for women to enter tech careers.

From Brand Strategy, to empowering women to code!

Kate Kirwin founded She Codes Australia in 2015, providing the neworks, technical skills, and confidence for women to enter tech careers. 

Born in regional WA, Kate strongly believes in empowering women from some of Australia’s most remote regions. So far, more than 7000 women from all over the country have learned to code through She Codes, with more than $2.5 million worth of scholarships given out to women.

Kate’s motto in life is always bring the sparkle, which you can see at She Codes events. Kate has more than a decade of experience working in events, coming from a background of charity events, which she uses to craft impactful, powerful events and programs. Kate is a skilled community builder having successfully nurtured communities at Spacecubed and Plus Eight as well as She Codes.

Her achievements have been recognised with the Business News 40 Under 40 Award and The West Australian’s Rising Star Award. She was recently named as WA's 2024 Young Australian of the Year.

Kate will join our panel on the 18th of July, and to punctuate the theme of empowering and supporting career development, we'll be providing a free headshot service on the night. Come corporate glam and get a new headshot to use on your socials, thanks to Spoilt Photo Booth's Peter Dancewicz.

Just one more reason to make sure you're going to Grill The Marketer!


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