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  • Clayton Smith

Uber Gets Local

Every marketer knows, the more aligned your content is with your target market, the better.

This is easy when the company is a single gym with a 10km target area that specialises in sports injury rehab. Those ads write themselves.

When you’re a global company with 2 million drivers providing 15 million rides per day (best estimates by ridestar), aligning advertising content to individual locations becomes a little more … well… impressive.

Especially when that city is ye olde Perth.

Uber managed to do just that with their “Tonight, I’ll Be Eating” campaign from earlier this year.

Here’s a few to give you the gist;

1. Nic Natanui

2. Naomi Watts

3. Sophie Monk

There’s a different version of the same ad (same star, different city and restaurant mentioned) for Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well a non-location specific version. You can see all seperate city focused versions here.

Up there for thinking

I like these ads. Simple, clear, quick and humourous.

I especially like that they took the time to do a different version of each ad for each main city.

I know that tweaking one sentence of dialogue in a 15 second ad isn’t that impressive, but consider the last time you saw an ad for a multinational behemoth specifically for Perth… I’ll wait.

Star Power + tongue twister food order from local restaurant = tasty ads.

Nice work work Uber. I need to order some lunch.

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Nov 30, 2021

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