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What are we doing here?

We’ve just gone live :O

WELCOME - and thanks so much so being here!

Local Social Media agency owners and birthday twins, Clayton from Smith Social and Carma from Carma The Social Chameleon proudly present The Marketer.

The Marketer was kind of a natural progression for us.

We liked getting together and talking about Marketing and found the recurring theme was “what does great marketing look like” and it turned out we agreed on enough to keep it fun – and disagreed on enough to keep it interesting.

And it wasn’t just digital – we wanted to cover all marketing, not just the stuff we specialise in but old school marketing theory, print media, out of home, TV, email…the whole shebang!

Then we looked around and there wasn’t much covering great marketing campaigns and executions, especially that pertained to our local market of Perth, and we wanted to change that.

Sure, there’s marketing news sites, but that’s not our key objective.

And we found plenty of marketing company blogs, but they’re spread out, and focus on their areas of expertise (naturally) so we concluded there’s not really a resource for discussing Perth (and Australian) Marketing from the POV of Australian marketers.

Until now.

If you’re an Aussie marketer – we’d love for you to participate!

Sign up, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, submit your campaigns and nominate people we should interview.

This content is specifically for YOU, so get vocal.


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