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Amber Martin Hypnotic As First Grill Guest Of 2024

If you made it to our first Grill The Marketer of 2024 (despite the plethora of other events on that evening) you no doubt felt privileged to a great guest who's clearly a passionate marketer with an amazing career both behind and ahead of her.

Amber shared her views on creativity, culture and ways brands can show up in meaningfully, the Gen Z West cohort, agencies, and career paths.

Her journey to co-founding Hypnosis Creative Agency back home in Perth after a long stint overseas is inspiring. Gone are the days where our local talent leaves and doesn't return to our sunny shores.

You'll need to follow her and Hypnosis Creative Agency's LinkedIn accounts to keep up with what Amber and the crew are up to, but you know whatever it is, it's not feeding the "landfill of shit" (IYKYK)

Some excellent questions were asked of our guest and The Marketer panel, thanks Mike Drysdale for your thoughtful questions, and for reminding us that we're old.

Great to see the Curtin Marketing Association re-established and in such good hands!

Lovely to also see TAFE represented.

From client-side senior marketers, to agency crews like Trilogy and Start Digital, to early and mid-career marketers of all disciplines - the room was full of excitement for the industry and a sense of community that we're so proud of.

Thanks to the new AMI State Chair, Olga Kozub (AMPOL) and committee member, Melissa Osterhage (Spudshed) for coming to represent our Australian Marketing Institute partnership.

Big thanks to Peter from Spoilt Photo Booths for the pics, Jacqueline Baril for being our tireless MC, and Keith - the Mic Man.

And thanks again to Amber Martin, who was an amazing guest!

Who will it be next time? Stay tuned for the announcement - but keep May 23rd in your diary. Better yet, get your tickets early.

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