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August Grill Wrap - Kimberley Lim

We grilled Kimberley Lim in our August edition of Grill The Marketer, an event where the curious Perth marketers in attendance take the wheel and we don't pitch you ANYTHING (crazy, right?).

Kim's the Head of Regional Marketing, APAC for Hexagon’s Mining division - which means she's in charge of marketing mining tech products to the Asia-Pacific, and has had extensive experience in global and regional markets over her career.

And look, B2B isn't always sexy...but it is so fascinating. And the bigger the scale of regions, languages and products you deal with, it gets really involved real quick.

My takeaways - starting with my fav (and what I would have brought up if Kim hadn't done it so beautifully) is that even in B2B, the people you're targeting are still people. I indelicately describe it like they just don't have their work shoes on.

Saying business owners are "not on Facebook" is so silly when there's 2.9b users of the platform.

Takeaway two - lean on your strategic partnerships.

Kim spoke about easing her way into new markets by having trusted partners on the ground to assist them. So you don't necessarily need a local team, or much local knowledge - as long as you have those strategic partners who are vested in your success.

Number three wasn't from the panel - it's more of an overall observation, but how we communicate is so important.

Carmen clarified when asking a question to the panel, having said Miners, she didn't mean Minors (not so important in text - but phonetically this is something you don't want to be misinterpreted on) and it's such an organic take about communication.

Thanks to Kim who agreed to let us grill her about her current role and previous career experience - such a lot to think about when going global with your brand!

Special mention to Hayley Boneham who smashed it as our fill-in MC. So glad she could make time for us during her State of Social prep! Did you catch her on stage at Optus Stadium?

And thanks to Peter for being our Photog with the most-og - here's the gallery. If you share them please tag Peter Dancewicz (Spoilt Photobooths) and us ( so we can see your takes!

We were stoked to catch up with some past Grill attendees, who have started working with people they met at a previous event - how amazing to be bringing the Perth marketing community together!

The next time we'll be together again will be for our free event, Toast The Marketer on the 15th of September - you can register here.

The next Grill The Marketer is on the 20th of October and will be our final Grill for 2022. Ticket to this one are already selling fast so do not leave it too late or you'll miss your chance to grill Brittany Garbet from Preztel. And you don't wanna miss that!

In the meantime you can catch us on LinkedIn, hear us on The Marketer podcast, or get in touch via email on

Market on!


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