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Grill The Marketer Feb Wrap

The first edition of Grill The Marketer for 2022 rocked Henry Summer on the 17th of Feb with special guest to the grill, Seva Mozhaev - TikTok trainer, content creator and now poster child for Pentanet.

Starting strong for the year with a full house (save a couple of COVID close contacts - 'tis the season) we heard Sev's definitely non-linear arrival to becoming a TikTok trainer, he's philosophy on video content and his approach to content creation.

Here's a little snippet:

It was a steamy evening, perfect for a grilling - and the tasty tips were coming in hot for our curious crowd of marketers, content creators, and businesses interested in leveraging TikTok.

As we learned, it's not just a silly dancing app. It's got some serious potential to get you more paid.

Sev detailed how he booked 2 years of wedding photography from his TikToks, and the story of how the first one was a child influencing their parents to use Sev as their photographer because they'd seen his videos on the platform.

Biggest takeaway for me?

If you're worried that TikTok isn't for your brand, why not test it out anyway? Like any new platform, there's opportunity for explosive growth and you don't need to spend a lot of time creating and editing content as it's meant to be short and candid.

So with everything in marketing - test it out!

We also announced our next Grill guest - Hayley Boneham, Head of Marketing at Bonfire. She's going to take us into the future of marketing, with a look at how Web 3.0 and the Metaverse are going to change how we do things (and ways maybe they're not...)

So great to meet so many new faces, and always an absolute pleasure to welcome back our regular Grill crew, we'd missed you!

Sorry to the Curtin kids who couldn't make it because it was the same night as their graduation ceremony (oops).

Thanks to the AMI members who came to check out our event for the first time. Keep your ticket emails for your CPM points. And cheers to Peter from Spoilt Photobooths from bringing some laughs with the GIF Booth.

See you March 17th for our first new bi-monthly event - Toast The Marketer, where we'll be gathering to chat marketing with you all in the beer garden at Henry Summer. It's even less formal than Grill, we just want to see more of you and it's totally FREE, we just ask you to register here.

In the meantime if you'd like to get in touch with us to chat about being a guest on the Grill panel, sponsoring our event, or you just have some feedback you can email us on

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