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  • Clayton Smith

Kelly Townson got grilled! June Grill The Marketer wrap up

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

What a great night! With an excellent turn out from regular Grillers and new Grillers alike for our Grill The Marketer June event focused on Customer Experience.

We were super lucky to have Perth marketing powerhouse Kelly Townson on the panel.

As General Manager Marketing at Crown Perth, Kelly guides the experience of up to 10 million visitors every year.

10 million per year folks. As you can imagine, there were many questions. So many questions!

Campaign Strategy, Scent Marketing and Imposter Syndrome

Kelly has so much experience across different industries, not just Crown Perth, over a varied and broad marketing career.

We covered everything from Marketing Campaign Strategy to imposter syndrome.

Team building was also an interesting topic. With so many teams and staff under her purview, Kelly's approach to training, team building and ideation was insightful.

In discussions around the the many aspects of the Crown Towers experience, Carma was especially interested in the idea of scent marketing. Any scent marketers out there should hit Carma up, she's keen.

Thank you Kelly!

Kelly thank you so much for your generous insights. The feedback from everyone who came was effusive and we're so grateful for your time.

And thank you Jason!

Huge thanks to Jason Balchand from So Media Group, who stepped in at the last minute to MC . Great stuff mate, we really appreciated it.

Keep rockin,


Here's the gallery!


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