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Cannings Purple Rebrand to Purple

Over 20 years Cannings Purple has built a reputation for its professional expertise, creativity and innovation as a strategic communications agency.

Today they move forward with a new name.

The change simplifies the brand, while still embracing its origins and capturing the strength and diversity of the range of services offered by the 40-strong agency, which was established in 2004 as Purple Communications, becoming Cannings Purple in 2010, when WPP (previously STW Group) became a significant shareholder.

Purple Managing Director Annette Ellis said the simplification of the name reflected the agency’s position as a significant marketing and communications firm in its own right, while retaining the ability to partner with any of the WPP stable.

“By adopting a single name brand we’re breaking free from any perceived limitations and reinforcing our ability to collaborate with a wide range of partners, while maintaining the trust we have built in the name Purple over the past 20 years,”

Annette said.

“The rebrand also reflects Purple’s significant investment in new services over recent years, including the introduction of a social impact and consumer marketing practice last year, as well as an emerging artificial intelligence advisory arm.
“As the communications landscape has transformed, Purple has embraced that evolution, reimagining our approach and our offerings to stay ahead of the curve.
“Our new brand identity is a testament to this adaptability and our commitment to continual growth.
“Over the years, we’ve listened intently to our clients, expanding and evolving our services to meet their changing needs in an increasingly dynamic world.
“This rebrand is a reflection of that journey, mirroring the maturity and breadth of expertise we’ve cultivated,”

Annette said.

Purple Design Manager Hayley Emmett said the new brand is the culmination of months of research, consultation and creative thinking.

“While our in-house experts have delivered brand strategy and identity for countless clients over the years, there is something special about working on our own brand,”

Hayley said.

“The new brand, ‘Purple’ brings the clarity, simplicity and versatility needed to reflect the breadth and depth of our capabilities in today’s dynamic market.
“The ‘folded edge’ P, the ‘triangle’ corner mark and the trapezoid shape speak to our brand story of ‘starting and shaping conversations that matter.
“The bold font reflects our professionalism and approach to work, and the sophisticated midnight purple colour is complemented by brighter purple triangle, which will be used as a recognisable brand accent across all our material,”

she said.

Annette said the new brand is about positioning Purple for the future.

“It embodies our pursuit of innovation, our dedication to delivering impactful solutions, and our unwavering passion for helping clients navigate the ever-evolving communications landscape with confidence.”


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