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Grill The Marketer August Wrap Up

Well my heart is bursting from the feedback we've gotten from our Thursday event - and it's not just the amount of messages I've gotten, but the content itself. So many gorgeous Perth marketers have complimented us on the vibe we've created at our events, and as many pointed out, getting the audience right is crucial (and the hardest part of) running mutli-date events that people keep wanting to come back to again and again.

And if ticket sales for our October event are anything to go by, the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

So if you were there and came to see some photos, or if you missed it and need a re-cap, here's how it went down.

The Panel

Our panel is always Clayton and myself, plus wonder woman Melissa Bowen, but we were very excited to add special guest Callum Mackenzie from Rare to the hotplate. Cal's human-ness is infectious. With such an esteemed and lengthy career, he's incredibly humble and down to earth. We can't thank him enough for making himself available to be grilled!

The Grilling

We talked a lot about getting into the industry. From internships, training, learning and niching...we covered almost every aspect of how we got into marketing and how we now assemble teams and pick clients and partners.

Kudos to the students who came along to ask many of these questions, if you don't start thinking about how you're going to get into a paid role until you have finished uni, you're already behind. And the guys who showed up, networked and participated are showing that they're bright, keen and passionate about their future. Great to see!

We also talked a lot about branding, storytelling, Facebook ads, and authenticity.

Some awesome questions as always; shout out to Bonfire's Hayley Boneham for putting social media beefs to the panel, and The Y's Alana Christidis for asking for feedback about authenticity. But the question of the night (and the bottle of Perth Pink gin thanks to Sin Gin Distillery) went to Amelia Ngatai from Armada Marketing on how to better serve her clients in professional services by niching.

The Photo Booth

We had Peter come along from Spoilt Photo Booths as a bit of a fun in between panel sessions as we encourage as much interaction as possible. There was a host of fun props and the crowd didn't hesitate to get amongst it!

Here's a sample of the Spoilt silliness.

If you'd like copies of the ones you're in, flick us an email on and we'll sort it out.

In Summary

So great to meet new faces, see old faces and get to know the faces behind the brands we know and follow. We love that there's every level of marketer represented here from senior to student, and including people from Perth's biggest agencies, to solo operators, client side teams and marketing teams of one.

Because at the end of the day, we all have similar challenges with our work and the same passion for our clients. We're so incredibly pumped about the feedback we've gotten, the collabs brewing, and the convos with new friends who seem like old ones.

Can't wait for the next one (October 14th) where we'll have Cory Gale - Head of Content at Tourism WA join us on the grill.

Make sure you don't miss out coz those tickets are flying out the door.


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