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Grill The Marketer November Wrap

Hoooboy - that was a LOT of fun.

What a satisfying way to round up a year of Grill The Marketer events with our most awesome community!

Michael Haluwana from Aeroture was the perfect guest; passionate, generous, and humble! We loved hearing his stories (especially the David Attenborough ones - that sneaky screenshot, classic!) and wish him well for his upcoming exhibition, Walking With Colour at Boola Bardip, the book launch, and his upcoming secret trip to Antarctica!

If you're a fan of his work, he has prints available on his store too - might make an awesome Xmas gift (unlike our Shit Secret Santa).

Some amazing questions were asked to the panel, and Jacqueline Baril did a stand-up job as our MC in place of our regular question-wrangler, Melissa Bowen.

Bringing you talented marketers, content creators and characters with a passion for what they do and an appetite to share, collaborate and grow is what we're about and Michael was such a nice way to end a year of incredible guests! We've got so much talent locally, and we want to celebrate that and share their stories with you all.

(If you'd like to be a guest, or have a guest suggestion, hit us up on

As always, there was an broad mix of attendees; from current marketing students, to freelance marketers and consultants, to agency marketers and in-house teams. Then there's all the amazing designers, thinkers, doers and talkers that we all need to help us get our messages across.

It was great to see previous Grill guests Jo Saunders (Wildfire Social Marketing), Adam Barrell (So Media Group) and Gabe Mach (Bonfire) in the house too! We love that they've stayed in our orbit, continuing to contribute to The Marketer community.

We had a few announcements to make about what we've been working on - our partnership with the Australian Marketing Institute is now official! Big thanks to AMI WA Committee Chair, Kimberley Lim for all her hard work on this and coming along to announce it personally.

This partnership means that the AMI WA Emerging Marketers will receive a 15% discount to attend our events to broaden their experience and deepen their connections with industry as they launch their careers.

For those who hold current Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) status through the AMI, attending Grill The Marketer events will allow you to collect PD points towards keeping your CPM.

Pretty cool to be officially in partnership and have the legitimacy of Australia's largest professional body for marketers behind our event series!

We also announced our dates for 2022! You can book your tickets here, and we encourage you to take the Seasonal Upgrade to come along to all the Grill events for 2022 so you don't miss any of the burning questions - and save $30.

And there's not just our Grill The Marketer dates, but we're expanding our event offering to give Perth marketers even more opportunity to be involved.

Grill The Marketer events will remain the same, but each month there's not a Grill event, there'll be a free social catch-up - The Marketer Community drinks (working title). To register for TMC drinks you'll need to be on our email database, so make sure you hit subscribe.

Thanks to our venue sponsor, Henry Summer and event sponsor Business Events Perth. Without their support we wouldn't be able to continue to bring you so much value.

So to wrap up; fabulous night, heaps happening, amazing year - thanks for celebrating with us!

This community is what it is because of you all coming along and supporting it and being your curious, intelligent and collaborative selves - and we can't wait to see you all again at our first Grill event on Feb 17th, 2022.


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