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Grill The Marketer VII Wrap Up

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Grill The Marketer VII - Melissa Bowen, Carma Levene, Paul Ramondo, Clayton Smith. Pic by Cutting Edge Digital
Grill The Marketer VII - Melissa Bowen, Carma Levene, Paul Ramondo, Clayton Smith. Photo by Derren Hall Photography

My goodness what a time! So much marketing love!

Grill The Marketer VII - The Last Crusade went off like a frog in a sock.

We had our largest crowd ever come to Henry Summer in Northbridge on the 14th October to get their marketing questions answered.

Guest Griller - Paul Ramondo

Supermassive blackhole sized thanks to our guest griller, marketing champ Paul Ramondo. You delivered the absolute goods brother, can't wait to have you again. If you need a speaker for your next marketing event, your search is over, head to Ramondo Media and get in touch!

Free Snapchat Ads credit

Paul has recently partnered with Snapchat and has a special offer for those looking run Snapchat ads. Check out Paul's Snapchat Ads offer here.

Best question of the night

So many great questions were asked, choosing a winner was super tough.

This one really got our marbles rattling though and got the choccies. (Choccies being a SUP voucher from the champs at WhatSUP Paddleboards)

"I work in marketing for a national healthcare company, with three boutique businesses in WA, and one business we market nationally. At the moment, I've been asked to market our three WA based businesses, while not pissing off our national business market.
Our national marketing model is very established, and has been around for twenty years. Our two latest additions to the business are quite new, since 2017.
A lot of the business that refer to us already offer some of the services we are now looking to advertise.
So I need to put together a marketing strategy that will improve leads nationally, and then locally focus on building leads in specific niche markets without hurting the national business."

What a doozey.

Full audio of Grill The Marketer VII

To hear our answers to the aforementioned Best Question ever and all other questions, super excited to announce we'll be putting up the full audio (soon) of the event as an episode of our podcast. You can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or stream direct on our website here.

Big thanks to our Original Griller Keith Hutchings for all your help on this. Also big thanks to the crew at Henry Summer for having us.

Tools we can't live without

We had a question about the tool (or tools) Paul, Carma & myself cannot live without, so we thought we'd put em right here for everyone.


Client Services - Agency Analytics,

Bookmark manager - Tobi Chrome plugin

Youtube SEO - Tubebuddy



Another One: Grill The Marketer Christmas Edition 18th November

We've announced our last Grill The Marketer for 2020 - Grill The Marketer Christmas Vacation.

Come talk Christmas campaigns over Christmas champagnes and celebrate the end one of the craziest years ever.

Especially important for all you freelancers who don't get around to throwing yourselves a Christmas party.

What: Live Marketing Q&A - no pitches, no upsells, no slideshows. Just your questions answered.

Who: Carma Levene & Clayton Smith, hosted by Melissa Bowen of ThinkBox Media.

Where: Henry Summer, Northbridge

When: 18th November, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

More thankyous

Big thanks to others who helped make this night possible - Melissa Bowen for hosting us and making it a fantastic night, Adam Barrell from So Perth for your support, Keith Hutchings for audio recording, Derren Hall for the awesome photography and Alana Christidis for help across the board.

Thanks so much guys.

And finally all of you for coming! Can't wait to see everyone at more GTM's in the future as we firm up 2021 dates.


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