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  • Clayton Smith

Marketing Gold - The Perth Mint

My goodness we are into March, I can't believe it. It was myself and Carma's birthday last week, we are birthday twins, so yay happy birthday to us. But the world of marketing doesn't stop, so neither do we!

On my forever hunt for great marketing, I recently stumbled across the website for The Perth Mint, our homegrown home of precious metals, and jeepers was I surprised.

I'm not sure what I expected from a government owned mint, but I definitely didn't expect a full blown digital marketing juggernaut in full swing.

From the website to the blog all the way to their Youtube replies, these metal fans are keeping a bunch of silver plates spinning and doing an impressive job at it.

Prepare for precious metal based puns, and let's take a look.

Ground Zero - Website

While some may argue a website is not one hundred percent necessary in today's InstaFaceSnapYou world (I'm not one of those people), for any retail business of this scale a website is unavoidable. So, if you gotta have it, make it work for you. Actually, make it work for the user.

It's Alive

While not on the absolute cutting edge of web design, it's functional, modern and stacked to brim full of products, services, information and content.

The website feels alive: what's happening now; what's coming up; what on sale; new releases; countdown to the next release; latest articles and more. Keeping a website up to date seems a bridge too far for so many businesses. Not for The Perth Mint.

Brick By Golden Content Brick

The biggest problem I see with most websites is a lack of content. Not enough words, simple as that. It leads to a poor user experience and a bad Google rankings.

The amount of content on The Perth Mint website is impressive, but necessary when you consider the complexity and price of the products and services the Mint provides.

Mine Map - Navigation

Navigating this amount of content could present a user experience problem if not handled with care, but they manage three separate menus in the header without too much grief, and the main menu headings of Shop, Invest, Visit and Services do a decent job of siloing the extensive number of pages in a clear and manageable way.

Golden Brick Roads - Social & Digital Channels

While a good website is the crucial owned experience that forms the foundation of a good digital strategy, social media channels provide a huge opportunity to bring users right to your digital doorstep. Exploring The Perth Mint website, the footer offered an impressive list of social media icons. My curiosity was piqued.

Regular content on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram would be an impressive feat for a social media influencer, let alone a business. I was skeptical to say the least.

A few clicks later I was searching around the floor for my hat so I could eat it. See below.

Blue Gold - Facebook

With more than 30,000 thousand followers, The Perth Mint has mined some serious value from the big blue book, providing interesting and relevant content, on the regular, including video.

Even though organic reach is in the toilet these days at around at 1% or less, that's still 3000 users seeing The Perth Mint Facebook posts on average, for free. Nice.

Bluebird Treasure - Twitter

Joining in 2009, The Perth Mint are have clocked a decade of tweeting and it shows, with close to 10,000 followers.

Shiny Viewing - Youtube

Featuring high quality video and plenty of it, the Mint have put their most bejewelled foot forward on Youtube and it has paid off, with close to 5000 subscribers. That's serious stuff.

Keeping it Professional - Linked In

More than 2100 followers on a Linked In Company page? Really?

Platinum Pins - Pinterest

I was quite interested to see that the Mint was on Pinterest, and even more impressed to see 47 boards, 522 followers and 38800 monthly unique monthly viewers.

Breaking Ground - Instagram

More than 3000 followers, Instagram looks like a recent addition to The Perth Mint's social media schedule, but a good start looks to have been made.

Silver Surfers - Ye Olde Blog & Email

Multiple email newsletters and multiple blogs. These folks are not mucking around.

Sum it up already Smith

With all digital channels rolling and a comprehensive website with more content than you can poke a blacksmith's hammer at, The Perth Mint have built a digital marketing fortress.

Great work by what appears to be a cast of thousands, but is actually a team of very hardworking Perth marketers!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time for more marketing goodness. Don't forget to subscribe!


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Amanda Creuwz
Amanda Creuwz
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