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  • Clayton Smith

Clay's Fave Perth Biz Websites

Websites are an interesting beast.

What should be the thriving digital hub of a business can morph over time into a painful anchor, weighing down digital growth. Poor design, poor page structure, bad imagery, bad user experience, not enough content, impossible to edit, bad onsite SEO setup; these are just some of the issues I see on an all too regular basis. But that's a story for another time.

Now not all websites are bad, there are some awesome ones out there.

There are some great designers and developers doing great work for Perth businesses.

I have put together some examples of excellent website design in today's post, with one award winning example in particular that is going to introduce your jaw to the floor.

Let's get into it!

Kim Pearson - Minimilism

Platform - Wordpress

First up is a Wordpress website by Perth based interior designer, Kim Pearson.

The homepage, above the fold is the star of the show for me.

Wow. Talk about minimal.

No menu, no hamburger icon, no call to action, no services, no body copy, no phone number, no address, no social media icons, no.. anything.

Just a logo, a tag line, and an intriguing, high quality close up of what looks to be curtain fabric. Be still, my beating heart.

What makes it really sing is the simple colour transition. The colours cycle through from one to the next and the effect is beautiful. See below.

The rest of the website is bright and functional, with plenty of colour and amazing photography. Photography is so freaking important.

Be like Kim and do not skimp on the photography to present your business online! Now stop it, you'll get me on a rant.

Dion Robson - Self Builder Platform

Platform - Squarespace

Perth photographer Dion Robeson has shown how to utilise the tools offered by the one of the big dogs in the self builder space, Squarespace.

Self builder website platforms like Squarespace have taken huge leaps of the last few years and while they still have a ways to go in terms of functionality and backend access, they give every single business a chance to have a great website on any budget.

This is the kind of website that Squarespace is good for. Clean, simple, well spaced with a focus on imagery. And when you are as skilled as Mr Robeson clearly is at his craft, get out the way and let those photos sing.

iSolutions Technology - Understated

Platform - Custom

Next up is digital marketing agency, iSolutions Technology. Full disclaimer, I am good friends with these guys, but that doesn't change how well done this website is.

You expect a digital marketing agency to have a great website, but there's a subtlety and class here which I don't see very often.

Fonts, spacing, and imagery are all top notch, with a few final touches that elevate this website from good to great, like the button transitions, subtle animations and directional scrolling movement of certain objects. The colour palette is also fantastic.

All of the elements come together to form a powerful brand message that is elite, yet subtle, a delicate balance to achieve.

Top work Luke, Brendan and team.

Little Leaf Co - Green is Great

Platform - Shopify

Next on the list is "creative atelier and interior garden studio", Little Leaf Co.

If you slice up this website into it's composite pieces, it's relatively uncomplicated. But taken as a whole, it does a really good job of communicating a brand message and feel.

I like the edge to edge above fold hero on homepage especially, it sets up the rest of website in a positive light. The logo and product photography are also highlights for me. It feels like somewhere I want to go.

It's a great example of how a small business can communicate a high quality brand message with a few high quality, key elements. Great job.

Humaan - Award Winning

Platform - Wordpress

So I've saved the best until last, digital agency Humaan.

My goodness what website. Give me a second while I grab my jaw off the floor.

Every inch of this thing has been crafted. From the images, fonts, buttons, menus, graphics and much more. And holy moly the transition animations. That's the real star here.

You land on the homepage and are first hit with the beautiful and fun "digital", popping out of the dark background. Seen above.

You then start to scroll and then you realise we ain't in Kansas anymore, as the page morphs into the next section. And when I say "morph", I mean it. The animation is unreal.

The 'morphing' continues for each section, with each section an introduction to a case study of the agency's work.

That is a genius 'F' isn't it?

The rest of the site is just as stunning, with incredible transition animations throughout.

Check out the team pic below, I mean c'mon how good!

That's That

Well that's that and thanks for dropping by. Let me know of any great websites you've seen or created, and don't forget to subscribe for The Marketer articles delivered straight to your happy place.

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